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Tuesday, September 15, 2015 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
It was a million years I haven't update my blogger. I've almost forgotten the feeling of writing and talk about my own personal life. 
I'm a forgetful person as people around me will notice that..
I'm not sure is there anyone still reading my blog, it's just a diary for me.
It is for me to capture memories, moments and something I wanna talk about. 

Everything is going pretty smoothly recently as I wish. 
But memories flow like river. Something sad, happy, cherish.
I miss Japan trip the most. The people, food, weather, event, animals and bla.
I miss my host family. I wish to visit them like right now. 

Rush to the airport, buy an airline ticket, no luggage, and hold his hands on board together.

I miss my Youth Exchange team. We helped and take good care of each other.
We shared food, drinks and jackets. 
We were taking closer and closer after this trip. But it was like an adventure for me.

Reset everything till normal. 

I'm lucky enough to having the chance to live in the same house with you.
Although you are not same like others, but there's definitely something special that attract me.
Finger-crossed for all of us after the car is arrived haha. :)

Thanks for reading :)

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